Ensino Secundário

"Aprender nunca cansa a mente." (Leonardo da Vinci)

The future is projected here

From pre-school to secondary education, the focus of this school is on people. We are committed to your full education. Our purpose is to instruct competent young people, prepared to face the challenges of the society of the future, with values and with the capacity to lead a full life, contributing to the cheerfulness of all.

We offer a solid academic background that enables our students to live in a changing world that makes them fit for teamwork, enabling them to transform information into knowledge so that they can communicate effectively. At the same time, we form citizens with values that make them stand out in the construction of a better world, capable of accepting themselves and others, with a critical capacity before the world, and ready to find a project of life in which they can be a plus.

We work on personal initiative and promote responsibility and mutual commitment, with close monitoring of all teachers. We encourage a healthy and cordial environment where young people feel welcomed, accompanied and valued. We seek to be involved in the students' personal and academic growth.

The teaching methods are of socioconstructivist influence, involving students in learning. We promote projects not only at school but also at regional, national and international levels, essential for the development of soft skills and for a social and personal recognition.

The curricular matrices in the scientific-humanistic courses of secondary education are divided into the general training component, whose purpose is to contribute to the construction of the personal, social and cultural entity, and in the specific formation, aiming to provide a consistent scientific formation in order to complete compulsory schooling and to pursue higher education. We seek to respond to the needs felt by the students with support classes, reinforcement of the weekly workload in subjects, that are going to be subject to external evaluation tests, and specific classes of preparation for the national exams, throughout the year.