"A Melhor maneira de tornar as crianças boas é torná-las felizes." (Óscar Wilde)

Valuing the child's abilities

1. Learn to be and to act in an increasingly autonomous way.
2. Learn to think and communicate.
3. Learn to discover and take initiative.
4. Learn to live and to inhabit the world.

Since childhood, children have demonstrated their own unique abilities. In pre-school education, we focus on their abilities, taking advantage of them to guide each child to a path of excellence. All students have the tools and support to reach their full potential, which is very broad and diverse.
We value a pedagogy in participation, inspired by socioconstructivist pedagogical models, according to the needs and possibilities of each child. The children collaborate in their learning in the classroom and the space of this room extends to the outside. The time organization contemplates his rhythms, interests and suggestions.
We follow the Curricular Guidelines for Pre-School Education (2016), from the General Directorate of Education. The educational teams are composed by the kindergarten teacher with the cooperation of the teachers of specific areas such as Music, Physical Education and English.