Terceiro Ciclo

"Quando a educação não é libertadora, o sonho do oprimido é ser o opressor.." (Paulo Freire)

Sustained and quality education

We are aware that the 3rd cycle is a natural progression of the 2nd cycle, paying a particular attention to the physical, cognitive and affective growth of the young. The emergence of new subjects allows the diversification of learning strategies, which emerge as a response to the current needs of information and knowledge. Increasing autonomy, individual and group discussion and reflection, and the sustained use of new technologies to achieve knowledge and develop digital skills are promoted. It promotes voluntary participation in several projects - internal and external - that develop social, human, sports and scientific competences.

Our challenge is to give an answer to the diversity of the students with an academic monitoring by all teachers who make up each class council. Our goal is to give an immediate response to the needs felt by the students with support classes, a follow-up study and reinforcement of the workload in the subjects submitted to external evaluation tests. The connection with families is done by the form teacher.