Segundo Ciclo

"Quando a educação não é libertadora, o sonho do oprimido é ser o opressor.." (Paulo Freire)

A new stage in growth

Considered a transition cycle, we attempt that the transition from monodocence to plurality to be seen as a process of growth and development of students.

We work with the student in a personalized and active way, paying particular attention to the individual needs of each one. We try to maximize the competences of each one. Our teaching presumes the existence of an integral education, in which the student is the protagonist of his learning. Collaborative working, project methodologies and interdisciplinarity are valued, with a constant monitoring of all teachers. We try to give an answer to the needs felt by the students providing support classes and daily pedagogic supervision.

Class form teachers are responsible for the educational groups that make up the class council and they are the main link between this private school and the families.