Primeiro Ciclo

"A Melhor maneira de tornar as crianças boas é torná-las felizes." (Óscar Wilde)

Developing the child's potential

In the 1st cycle of Basic Education, we help students to discover their potential, to understand the world around them, to respect differences, to get along with other children, to develop group work habits and to overcome difficulties with creativity.
The teaching process is thought and implemented so that each student may have success, combining several learning strategies in which the student is the centre of the concerns.

The curricular organization of the 1st Cycle follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, in a logic of curricular flexibility that has as purpose to link knowledge, skills and attitudes, seeking at an early age that each child can reach the different essential skills, always promoting an integral education.
In addition to the class teacher, the educational team of each group includes teachers of curricular enrichment activities: English, Music, Physical Education, Religion/ Catechesis and, in years 3 and 4, IT. An extension of the timetable is ensured by the class teacher, who supports the children’s study for one hour; children can also attend Creative Workshops, where learning is developed in an entertaining and more relaxing way.